Religious Education

Religious Education at St. Ann’s This Fall

Parents: Here are our parish’s plans to provide religious formation during these Fall coronavirus days.

1. Pre-School and Elementary. We will follow the advice of the Diocese of San Angelo, which said, “In the Diocese of San Angelo, in the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, the recommended method for religious education… is to offer online or homebased family catechesis rather than in-person catechesis at parish facilities.” Diocese of San Angelo Faith Formation Protocols August 14, 2020
As previously announced, there will be no Catechesis of the Good Shepherd programs this Fall.
For grades K-5, English and Spanish, religious formation will be AT HOME. Students should register for this program (see the ad elsewhere in the bulletin or on other media) and parents can pick up a packet of information and books for in home discussion.
Children preparing for First Confession and Communion must register now and follow the in home instructions. The Coordinators of Religious Education, both English and Spanish, are working diligently to ensure that parents’ experience at home with your children will be a time of wonderful teaching of the faith.
The parish will review the situation in January 2021 to see if we can start up in person classes again.

2. The Edge and Life Teen program (grades 6-12) will continue to meet both on-line and in person. Please watch for more information regarding those programs.

3. Adults interested in learning about the Catholic faith and/or becoming Catholic should contact Emily Klemme at the Parish Office (432-682-6303) about the in person RCIA. Also adults who would like to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

4. Adults who would like to celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony (that is, to “be married in the Church,” should contact one of the parish priests or deacons at 432-682-6303.

5. Adults who would like to have formation in order to serve as catechists for children when we do start up in person classes once again, should contact Emily Klemme (432-682-6303).

6. Adults interested in other bible studies, Walking with Purpose (for women), That Man is You (for men) or the Young Adult Bible Study, see the ads in the bulletin for these programs.

Starting Date: On Sept 19 & 20, we will have a special blessing for all those who teach their faith to others (that is, for “catechists”), whether in the classroom or youth programs or parents at home. With this blessing, the “program” commences.

If you have any questions, please call the Director of Religious Education, Emily Klemme, at the church office. 432-682-6303