Summer Fun! Pray and Play Challenge

Looking for a way to kick off the summer! Join us for the Messy Family  Play and Pray Challenge. The Pray and Play Challenge is a way for us to promote the Lordship of Jesus Christ to
every home in a fun, interactive way. We have learned that if you are going to PRAY with your family, you need to PLAY with them!
1. Plan and go on a DATE NIGHT. Spouses need to take time to rekindle their
friendship and the love between them.
2. Organize and execute a fantastic FAMILY DAY. Parents are challenged to
bring the family together to have fun while making memories on this one day dedicated to each other.
3. Proclaim Jesus Christ as the KING OF THE HOME. Jesus loves families and
He wants their love in return! Families are asked to place an image of the
Sacred Heart in their house and “enthrone” Him as King sometime during
this month. Spread the Joy!
Families can register with us at to get their free download of ideas and prayers to the Sacred Heart. When they post pictures of their family doing the family day, date night, and their image of the Sacred Heart on Facebook and add #PLAYANDPRAYCHALLENGE they can spread the word. Together we can all spread the kingdom of Jesus Christ into every home.

Click here for more info: Play+Pray+2022+Info+Sheet