Sister’s Charity Needs and Updates

Your Charity is Multiplied
“As you did it to one of the least of these, you did it to me.” (Matt 25:40)
Sister’s Charity, the social outreach arm of St. Ann’s, helps people in need by matching your contributions to those in our community who need help. During 2020, Sister’s charity distributed $43,000 in assistance on your behalf. Thanks to a new program, the ability of Sister’s Charity to assist will be multiplied. Both St. Vincent DePaul and Sister’s Charity, working with the City of Midland, have received federal CARES funds designed to help the poor and the unemployed avoid evictions and utility shut-offs. This is a direct response by the federal government through the city government to help those people most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Sister’s Charity will now be able to increase assistance by $100,000 to families that qualify in the low to moderate income categories. The St. Vincent de Paul Society is also participating in the program and plan to increase their support by a similar amount. Each charity must use their own funds to assist qualifying families and then request reimbursement from the CARES funds. This means that SVDP and
Sister’s Charity need to have funds in the bank to be able to help people. It will take about a three week “turnaround” time from request to reimbursement. Both SVDP and Sister’s Charities have already utilized most of their donated funds and need a new influx of donations to keep assisting the needy. Needy people can be helped to avoid eviction and homelessness as well as no water or heat this winter .Please donate to St. Vincent DePaul and Sister’s Charity to help deepen the help that is so desperately needed. Thank you for your continuing support! Donations can be made a the Church office or online by clicking here: