Sister’s Charity Need

Dear St. Ann’s Parishioners,

Thank you for your past support of needy families.  You have helped many men, women and children be more secure, eat and stay together.

 Yet the need continues.  I am asking for help with three situations;

1.      A family fleeing Cuba, here legally, the mother is dealing with Breast Cancer treatments.  The husband has begun work and the 16yo boy (senior in High School) –must be smart- needs help to pay rent.  Eviction notice has been given. Their reserve funds spent on the cancer treatment.  They have refrained from asking for government benefits because they hope to become citizens in the future.

2.      I also have a young (24) woman with a 4-year-old girl.  She needs rent help also.  She had been helping her mother with medical needs and her money was depleted.  She has a new job and will be paid in three weeks.  St. Vincent DePaul has helped this month.  She needs next month’s rent.

3.      A man who is living in his truck wants work. He is here legally (green card) and wants to work to send money to his family and he needs to eat.  If you have a room he can rent or where he can work for his rent…

I know you are asked for so many things.  I also ask for them.  If you can help with anything.  Please make donations to Sister’s Charity.  You can bring your donations to/ or mail them to the St. Ann’s Parish.  Your checks can be made to St. Ann’s Church with a note for Sister’s Charity.  I will make appeals to SVDP and other local charities.  I will inform you as to the progress of these cases.

Thank you for opening your heart.

Sr. Elsa Garcia