Sister Elsa Request Your Help for the Needy

There are 2 people in need. Can you help?

Care Portal assists families stay together or helps children stay in Foster Homes. These requests are made by Social Workers of the Texas Department of Protective Services.
This request is for a 13 year old girl who was recently moved to her grandmother’s home. The grandmother is in need of getting school clothes and school supplies for the 13 year old girl. The grandmother would most appreciative of any amount she could get, but in order to get all expenses covered for shirts, shorts, jeans, jacket, socks, personal undergarments, shoes, and school supplies I am asking for a gift card of $250 to help the grandmother purchase these items for the 13 year old.
A Disabled lady who is awaiting her Disability check after two years of waiting. She used her savings and is not able to pay her housing needs.
She needs $ 733.oo
Sr. Elsa visited the home and asks for your help.

Please pray for all the above people and thank you if you are able to assist in any way. If you can help, please make checks payable to St. Ann’s Catholic Church and add a note : For Sister’s Charity

Blessings, Sr. Elsa