Elementary Kinder through 5th Grade

Now Accepting Registrations!

.  We will follow the advice of the Diocese of San Angelo, which said, “In the Diocese of San Angelo, in the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic, the recommended method for religious education… is to offer online or homebased family catechesis rather than in-person catechesis at parish facilities.” Diocese of San Angelo Faith Formation Protocols August 14, 2020.


As previously announced, there will be no Catechesis of the Good Shepherd programs this Fall, but we do look forward to opening the Atrium as soon as it can be done safely and within the guidelines set out by the diocese..For grades K-5, English and Bilingual, religious formation will be AT HOME

We are here to help support you as you grow in faith together with your children so please feel free to reach out to Kristin Atkinson with any questions by calling the church office (682-6303) or emailing directly to psr(at)stannsparish.us.

The parish will review the situation in January 2021 to see if we can start up in person classes again.

Info for 1st Communion Families:

IMPORTANT — Preparing for 1st Communion and 1st Reconciliation is a TWO YEAR process.  Regardless if this is your child’s 1st or 2nd year of prep, your children will need to be enrolled in and participating in the parish or school faith formation programs for both years.  We want this to be a beautiful encounter with Christ for your child and a good understanding of the sacraments, and blossoming relationship with Christ are a vital part of this,  which is why there is a two year process of preparation.

Children in their 2nd year of prep (typically 2nd graders)  preparing for First Confession and  First Communion must register now and follow the in home instructions  to ensure that they are fully prepared to receive their 1st Communion this coming Spring.

1st Reconciliation is to be celebrated with the family after your child has completed the Reconciliation prep materials and you as a parent feel he or she is ready.  Children will not celebrate 1st Reconciliation during school or faith formation  hours and it is up to the parent to bring the child to this sacrament. See church bulletin for times.

1st Communions will be celebrated in weekend Masses through out May and June.  A sign up to choose a Mass for your child will be sent out Feb 1st to all registered  1st Communion families from the parish and the school.


Traditional  At Home Faith Formation Resources – A printed copy of these resources, along with other items will be provided to you by the parish with your registration:

Please click on the following links for resources based on the curriculum we use for each grade level.

1st Grade Home Guide  https://www.smp.org/resourcecenter/resource/13536/

2nd grade (Students who will be receiving 1st Communion this spring) .  Go Seek Find: Using the Home Guides | Saint Mary’s Press .

Grade 3 Home Guide: https://www.smp.org/resourcecenter/resource/13538/

Grade 4/5 Home Guide: https://www.smp.org/resourcecenter/resource/13539/


Want to stay in the know for your child’s faith formation classes?  Join our REMIND group!

Please be sure to join the Remind group for Elem Faith Formation for all Elem levels by texting “@LuvChrist” to 8-1010.

All students receiving First Communion this spring need to join their class day as well as also joining the Sacramental Prep group by texting @stanns1stc to 8-1010.


Helpful Links

Faith Formation Curriculum –

Go Seek Find by St Mary’s Press – This program is used in our 2nd year of prep program for children who are not enrolled in our CGS program.   We also use this Bible as the basis of our curriculum for our 3rd through 5th graders too.  The children receive their own Bible in 2nd grade and bring back the rest of the years in Elem Faith formation, which they use through out the year to study the biblical roots of our Sacraments. See their website:https://www.smp.org/product/4507/Go-Seek-Find/

Catechism of the Catholic Church: http://ccc.usccb.org/flipbooks/catechism/index.html

Holy Bible: http://usccb.org/bible/books-of-the-bible/index.cfm

Ethics Class Schedule- This is a required program for all adults participating in our ministry. Please click the link to see a schedule of upcoming classes. http://sanangelodiocese.org/workshops