Phase I- Church Re-opening

Midland, TX 79701 May 7, 2020

Beginning with the Saturday evening Mass on May 9 and the Sunday Masses on May 10, St. Ann’s Parish will offer REDUCED CROWD INDOOR PUBLIC MASS, following the usual schedule of times. “Reduced Crowd” means that every other pew will be empty and those in attendance will practice social distancing. So space will be limited.

These measures are required by the Diocese of San Angelo in order to provide the opportunity for attending Mass in person during this time of the coronavirus threat, Phase One of Reopening Liturgies to the Public. If you cannot get to Mass, you are invited to watch the Masses on St. Ann’s Facebook page or on our website.

1. Do we have to attend Sunday Mass?
No. Until further notice, Catholics in the Diocese of San Angelo continue to be dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays. If anxious about attending, you don’t have to attend.

2. What if we feel sick?
Do not attend Mass. We care for the Body of Christ by first taking care of our own body. The obligation to participate in Mass is not required for those who are sick. A person who is sick should not worsen their illness by trying to get to church, and they should not put others at risk of catching their illness. It is not sinful to miss Mass if one is sick; it is an expression of care for the health of others.

3. What about those who are at risk?
The following persons are strongly encouraged to stay home and participate remotely:
1) those who are age 65 or older;
2) those who have serious underlying medical conditions;
3) those who are feeling sick or who have a cough of any sort;
4) those who have any reason to believe they might have been exposed to COVID-19.

4. What about masks or face coverings?
Everyone, over the age of two, who attends Mass must wear a face mask or some other cloth covering over the nose and mouth.
Bring your own mask or face covering. Surgical masks or N-95 masks are not recommended; a cloth mask is recommended. Face coverings could be something like a bandana or scarf.
Arriving at church, put on your mask or face covering. Anyone unable or unwilling to wear a mask, whether children or adults, should not attend Mass, but watch it remotely and/or attend the Distribution of Holy Communion described below.
Masks are removed only to receive Communion. Communion is only given on the hand, so that there is no touching at all. Pull down the mask, receive Communion and consume the host, return the mask.

5. Where do we enter the church?
Enter through the Commons; there are many doors to come in there. The transept doors on either side of the altar will not be used to enter the church. There are ramps if needed that enter the Commons from Illinois Avenue and from the portico.
All church doors have push bars to allow exit from the church.

5. What arrangements are there for children?
a. Our nursery is not open during this pandemic crisis.
b. Children over two must wear a mask or cloth face covering to attend Mass.
c. If a child needs to go to the Cry Room, one parent can take the child there. Families should not crowd the Cry Room; there is little space for social distancing.
There will be no “children’s collection”; a wooden box for children’s gifts is in the church foyer.
There will be no doughnuts after Mass!

6. What time should we get to Mass?
Please do not enter the church until 15 minutes before the scheduled Mass. The church must be sanitized between each Mass and that activity might still be in progress from a previous Mass if you get here too early.
Because of the social distancing, the number who can attend Mass will be severely reduced. If you cannot get in to the church or the chapel because it is full, please watch the Mass on Facebook or on our website.
Do not linger in the church or Commons during or after Mass, so that the cleaning can begin.

7. What is the Mass schedule?
Saturday, 5:00pm. Sunday, 8:30am, 10:45am, 1:00pm (Spanish) and 5:00pm
Weekdays: Monday through Saturday, 8:00am.
Tuesday, 6:30pm Spanish.
Wednesday, 5:45pm, followed by Adoration.
All Masses will be in the big church, to allow for social distancing.

8. When will Holy Communion be distributed outside of Mass?
There will be Distribution of Holy Communion outside of Mass on Saturday and Sunday evenings, 6:00pm to 6:30pm. There is no Mass or ceremony associated with this; you may wish to follow a Mass on social media.
Park in the parking lot, put on your mask, get out of the car and walk to the portico. Line up on the sidewalk in front of the St. Ann statue, practicing social distancing.

9. When is Mass available on social media?
The 5:00pm Saturday evening Mass is live-streamed on the Facebook page of St. Ann’s Catholic Church or on our website, It is available to view at any time.
The 1:00pm Spanish Mass on Sunday is live-streamed on the Facebook page of St. Ann’s Catholic Church or on our website, It is available to view at any time.
Weekday Masses will be live-streamed at 8:00am on the Facebook page of St. Ann’s Catholic Church or on our website, It is available to view at any time.

10. What about Confessions?
Confessions are available on Wednesday afternoon, 5:00pm to 5:30pm in the Parlor.
Confessions are available on Saturday afternoon, 4:00pm to 4:30pm in the Parlor.
Line up in the Mary Center Garden; practice social distancing.