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A CarePortal Story: Right Next Door

“We often think we need to go somewhere around the world to really meet needs, but what we’ve realized is that needs are all round us. So you can drive 5 miles from your house, and there are needs there.” — Patrick Johnson, CarePortal Responder
Watch the video above to hear the story of a relationship that began because one family made the simple decision to give and deliver a crib to a young woman. This simple act developed into a beautiful relationship.

From identifying a family in need, to answering that need, you — the CarePortal community — are reaching thousands of kids, right next door.

Care Portal Story


Volunteers needed

  • Ann’s is part of the Interfaith Hospitality Network that helps homeless families.

Family Promise is a partnership of churches in Midland helping families who are facing homelessness. This unique community response offers an opportunity for volunteers from local congregations to be on the front line of Midland’s effort to reduce homelessness while transforming the lives of families in need. This is a ministry that a married couple can do together. In the past 5 years St. Ann has helped 78 families which include 257 individuals– 157 of these were children. We need volunteers.

Take a look at the good we have helped happen:

PRAY FOR PRIESTS – Calling Seven Sisters

Women of St. Ann’s,

Have you ever wondered how you could thank or help our parish priest?  Now an opportunity is being offered in a program called Seven Sister Apostolate.  Seven Sisters is a group of women who commit to one hour a week in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament praying for our parish priest.  We would like to begin in June.  For more information or commitment, contact Linda McDonald at 319-294-2117 or e-mail



Do you sometimes forget your church envelopes or forget your checkbook? Why not make it easier on yourself and setup online or electronic giving of your tithe?  The church can now auto draft your account or you can set up online giving at without any worry of bringing your church envelopes or checkbook.  If you are interested in giving electronically, please call the Church Office and speak to Jessica.  (432)682-6303.


The Church desires that parents and godparents be well prepared to celebrate the baptism of an infant and to raise the child in the Catholic faith.  Therefore, here at St. Ann’s, we follow this procedure:

The parents should:
1. Schedule an appointment with one of the parish priests (682-6303). The purpose of the appointment is to reinforce the parents’ connection to the parish and to fill out the necessary papers for the baptism.

2. The parents and godparents attend one baptismal preparation class, usually on the second Sunday of the month. Information on the class will be given to you when you meet with a priest.  (A similar class can be attended at another parish; the parents or godparents should obtain a certificate from that instructor and present it to the priest at the baptism.)

3. Baptisms are usually celebrated at 1:00 p.m. on the Saturday after class. Other times may be scheduled by appointment with a priest or deacon.

4. After baptism, parents and godparents share the Catholic faith with the child throughout the child’s life.



We often think about what our vocation in life will be.  It’s good to pray about this and talk about it.  So every THIRD TUESDAY of the month, beginning May 16, we will have a gathering at 7:15pm in St. Ann’s Chapel.  We will start with Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction and continue with a brief program and discussion.  I encourage those of high school age and older to attend. Each evening we will conclude by 8:00pm.


Msgr. Larry Droll, Pastor


A Safe Environment for Children and Young People

The Catholic Diocese of San Angelo is firmly committed to creating and maintaining the safest possible environment for our children and young people.  To report allegations of sexual abuse by church personnel, contact the Victim Assistance Coordinator, Lori Hines.  To ensure confidentiality in her outreach to victims, she can be contacted privately at (325)374-7609 (cell).  Alleged victims are advised of their right to report alleged abuse to civil authorities.