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Youth Center!

Did you get a bigger tax return than you expected? If so, please consider making a donation to the New Youth Activities Center! You can donate via the Church website: or Church office. All parishioners are encouraged to participate to make this building happen!

Women Needed to Pray for Our Priests

The Seven Sisters Apostolate is a group pf Women at St. Ann’s who pray a Holy Hour one day of a week for a specific priest. It is their mission to pray for his deeper conformity to Christ. This is a great help to the priest and the Church. Please consider mission.

Contact Linda McDonald @ 319-294-2117 or


New Adoration Time beginning April 4th

Join us in the Chapel at St. Ann’s for an hour of Adoration before Christ, every Wednesday evening 6:15pm-7:15pm. The Eucharist will be exposed immediately after the 5:45pm Mass. During this hour, many people are sitting in cars waiting for children who are in EDGE or PSR. Why not come in and sit with  Christ?

My Lord Jesus Christ,
I believe that You are really here in this Sacrament.
Night and day You remain here compassionate and loving.
You call, You wait for,
You welcome everyone who comes to visit You.
I thank You, Jesus my Divine Redeemer
for coming upon the earth for our sake
and for instituting the Adorable Sacrament of the Holy
in order to remain with us until the end of the world.
I thank You for hiding beneath the Eucharistic species
Your infinite majesty and beauty,
which Your Angels delight to behold,
so that I might have courage to approach the throne of
Your mercy.
I thank You dear Jesus,
for having become the priceless Victim,
to merit for me the fullness of heavenly favors.
Awaken in me such confidence in You
that their fullness may descend ever more fruitfully upon
my soul.
I thank You for offering Yourself
in thanksgiving to God for all His benefits,
spiritual and temporal
which He has bestowed on me.
Grant me grace and perseverance in your faithful service.


New Youth Activities Center

It’s happening! Demolition has begun to make way for our new Youth Activities Center!
We would love your help funding this amazing building! Check out the packet that came in your mailbox for ways to donate or pick one up in the church office.

Have you heard?!?!

St. Ann’s is building a new Youth Activities Center. Be on the lookout for the Open and See envelope that will be coming to your mailbox with all the details. It is an exciting time for our youth and our parish as we kick off our capital campaign to make this building a reality. If you don’t receive an envelope in the mail, packets will be available after Mass this weekend. “The teenager Jesus progressed steadily in wisdom and age and grace before God and everyone.” Luke 2:52

VBS is filling up fast!

Registration for Vacation Bible School has only been open for 3 days and we already have almost 75 of the 250 spots taken! These spots are filling up FAST don’t wait to register!

Sister’s Charity Need

UPDATE: This need has been met! Thank you for your generosity and helping these families get back on their feet!

Do you know about Sister’s Charity? Sister Elsa and St. Anns have created this charity which partners with St. Vincent de Paul to help families in need.
From time to time Sister Elsa will ask for your help to support these families and help them get back on their feet.

Right now Sister Elsa is asking parishioners to assist with helping two single Dads get their cars fixed. They both have Jobs but need their cars to get to work.

Dad A needs $300 for a new transmission- he says he can put it in himself
Dad B had his car in the shop and needs $380 for some computer/ wiring fix. The car is in the shop until it is paid.

*Please send donations toward this need to St. Ann’s Church office – Checks made out to St. Ann’s with a note for – Sister’s Charity.

*In the future we hope to add a “Sister’s Charity” option to our online giving program via our My Parish App and Website.

* Any donations given above what is listed above will be used for future Sister’s Charity needs

THANK YOU for your generosity in helping these families in need!

New Ways to Connect

In addition to our website, social media is becoming such a great way for St. Ann’s to connect and communicate with parishioners and the community around us. We are expanding our Social Media platforms and would love for you to follow us and check out our newest pages.

Facebook: St. Ann’s Catholic Church
My Parish App: