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Sister’s Charity Need

Dear St. Ann’s Parishioners,

Thank you for your past support of needy families.  You have helped many men, women and children be more secure, eat and stay together.

 Yet the need continues.  I am asking for help with three situations;

1.      A family fleeing Cuba, here legally, the mother is dealing with Breast Cancer treatments.  The husband has begun work and the 16yo boy (senior in High School) –must be smart- needs help to pay rent.  Eviction notice has been given. Their reserve funds spent on the cancer treatment.  They have refrained from asking for government benefits because they hope to become citizens in the future.

2.      I also have a young (24) woman with a 4-year-old girl.  She needs rent help also.  She had been helping her mother with medical needs and her money was depleted.  She has a new job and will be paid in three weeks.  St. Vincent DePaul has helped this month.  She needs next month’s rent.

3.      A man who is living in his truck wants work. He is here legally (green card) and wants to work to send money to his family and he needs to eat.  If you have a room he can rent or where he can work for his rent…

I know you are asked for so many things.  I also ask for them.  If you can help with anything.  Please make donations to Sister’s Charity.  You can bring your donations to/ or mail them to the St. Ann’s Parish.  Your checks can be made to St. Ann’s Church with a note for Sister’s Charity.  I will make appeals to SVDP and other local charities.  I will inform you as to the progress of these cases.

Thank you for opening your heart.

Sr. Elsa Garcia

Help Needed

The United States Conference of Bishops has asked St. Ann’s St. Vincent De Paul to assist a family of three (Husband and wife and a 4 year old girl) who are fleeing the terrible conflict in Burma/ Myanmar.  You can Google to see what the conflict entails- Genocide, burning villages and atrocities to women and children.

The family needs everything.  In speaking with a local leader of the Burmese community, he stated that what is most helpful is getting bedding, winter clothes, food and English classes.   The goal is to get the adults in a working situation and the child in school.  St. Vincent DePaul will coordinate local efforts.

What we need:

·        If you have Beds — a full sized bed and a child’s bed – they live in one room

·        Blankets-  they come from a warmer climate and are already cold

·        Gift cards and Money so that they can go shopping as part of their socialization to the US.

·        Once we meet the Goal of $500 in cash and gift cards,  the overflow will go to St. Vincent DePaul for other poor in the area

·        If you have Burmese working for you and you can use one more person let us know.

·        We will have this effort throughout October.

Any donations for this family can be made to the St. Vincent DePaul Society at St. Ann’s and other donations can be coordinated through Sr. Elsa at the Parish office.

Thank you for protecting LIFE and assisting the poor who are in a foreign land.  What you do for these, the least of God’s Children, you do for HIM.

Sr. Elsa Garcia

Wednesday Traffic Flow

The Church is a busy place on Wednesday nights. Please view this map for the best places to park and drop off and pick up procedures for your kiddos. Thank you!

You Rock!!!

Thank you to he incredible, amazing, unbelievable St. Ann’s Family Fair chairs, Mr. and Mrs. Padilla! And their Co- chairs Mr. and Mrs. Repman!

Thank you!

A huge thank you to all of our parishioners, underwriters and sponsors for helping make the St. Ann’s Family Fair a success!

Prayer for Catechists

A big thank you too all of our Catechists and Religious Education Leaders! We appreciate your devotion to the children of St. Ann’s. We pray for you as and thank you for helping them develop a relationship with God and strengthen their understanding of the Catholic Faith!

CGS Registation

St. Ann’s Catholic Church, Midland TX
“Catechesis of the Good Shepherd assumes that children learn through imitation, active participation, and quiet reflection in a space that doesn’t assault them with facts but invites them into a mystery. The way CGS teaches children about prayer is a good example; instead of talking about or explaining prayer to children and telling them to go pray later on, the CGS classroom (called an “atrium”) is a prayerful space where the catechist invites children to encounter and be with God in ways that honor their physical, spiritual, and intellectual capacities. The child is invited to help lead short corporate times of prayer, to make prayer cards, to respond to a presentation with a prayer drawing, to sing a song of praise in response to a Bible story. Instead of seeing the classroom as a place for abstract discussion about practice, which then happens outside of the classroom, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd makes room for children to practice the Christian faith in body, mind, and spirit.”
Did you know that St Ann’s offers CGS as an option for traditional faith formation classes for 3yr olds through 3rd grade? Register today!


You have the opportunity to be an integral part of Saint Ann’s Church’s OUR YOUTH, OUR FUTURE capital campaign. This effort is about raising funds to build the new Youth Activity Center which will serve the young people of our parish as well as the wider community. Please remember to come to Mass this weekend ready to make your pledge to this campaign. To date we have raised nearly $4 million but we need to have every member of the parish join in if we are going to reach our $9 million goal. Please remember the 3 P’s: PRAY for the success of our campaign, PARTICIPATE by spreading the good news about how this will benefit our community; and, PLEDGE by making a 3 year commitment to assisting this project with a sacrificial gift.

Walking With Purpose

Join us for our Woman’s Bible Study starting August 28th at St. Ann’s. Our study this year is “Keeping in Balance” and we will explore how to create balance in our lives through the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. Registration will be after all Masses on August 11 & 12. This is for women of all ages and no prior bible study experience is necessary.

Tuesday evenings 6:00-8:00 or Thursday Mornings 9:15-11:15

Registration following Mass August 11/12.

For more info. contact Pat Collier: