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“To convert somebody go and take them by the hand and guide them.”
-St. Thomas Aquinas
Thinking about becoming Catholic, or leaning more about Catholicism? We are ready to guide you! Our RCIA program begins Aug. 22. Call the Church office for more detail. 432-682-6303

Ministry Volunteer Fair

We all feel little nudges to become involved and help our St. Ann’s Community, but often we feel like we just can’t handle one more thing on our plates. If you have limited time or tons of time to serve, there are plenty of opportunities! This weekend after all Masses visit the Ministry Volunteer Fair in the Commons and find your opportunity to serve. Help our community become a vibrant living witness to God.

CGS Registation

St. Ann’s Catholic Church, Midland TX
Written by Molly Teague Frieri · August 13, 2018 at 11:58 AM ·
“Catechesis of the Good Shepherd assumes that children learn through imitation, active participation, and quiet reflection in a space that doesn’t assault them with facts but invites them into a mystery. The way CGS teaches children about prayer is a good example; instead of talking about or explaining prayer to children and telling them to go pray later on, the CGS classroom (called an “atrium”) is a prayerful space where the catechist invites children to encounter and be with God in ways that honor their physical, spiritual, and intellectual capacities. The child is invited to help lead short corporate times of prayer, to make prayer cards, to respond to a presentation with a prayer drawing, to sing a song of praise in response to a Bible story. Instead of seeing the classroom as a place for abstract discussion about practice, which then happens outside of the classroom, Catechesis of the Good Shepherd makes room for children to practice the Christian faith in body, mind, and spirit.”
Did you know that St Ann’s offers CGS as an option for traditional faith formation classes for 3yr olds through 3rd grade? Register today!


You have the opportunity to be an integral part of Saint Ann’s Church’s OUR YOUTH, OUR FUTURE capital campaign. This effort is about raising funds to build the new Youth Activity Center which will serve the young people of our parish as well as the wider community. Please remember to come to Mass this weekend ready to make your pledge to this campaign. To date we have raised nearly $4 million but we need to have every member of the parish join in if we are going to reach our $9 million goal. Please remember the 3 P’s: PRAY for the success of our campaign, PARTICIPATE by spreading the good news about how this will benefit our community; and, PLEDGE by making a 3 year commitment to assisting this project with a sacrificial gift.

Waterline Update

Waterline issue update:
All restrooms are working at full capacity and are open. Given the work continuing on Ave L and Ave O we may encounter future problems. For now we are up and running fine.
Our parking lots are open and accessible to all our parishioners. Two ways to access them; continue to use Wall Street and North N street or North M Street, or the gates off Illinois Ave open will be open for parking on our blacktop behind the school.
Thank you for your continued patience.

Walking With Purpose

Join us for our Woman’s Bible Study starting August 28th at St. Ann’s. Our study this year is “Keeping in Balance” and we will explore how to create balance in our lives through the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church. Registration will be after all Masses on August 11 & 12. This is for women of all ages and no prior bible study experience is necessary.

Tuesday evenings 6:00-8:00 or Thursday Mornings 9:15-11:15

Registration following Mass August 11/12.

For more info. contact Pat Collier:

Sister Elsa Request Your Help for the Needy

There are 2 people in need. Can you help?

Care Portal assists families stay together or helps children stay in Foster Homes. These requests are made by Social Workers of the Texas Department of Protective Services.
This request is for a 13 year old girl who was recently moved to her grandmother’s home. The grandmother is in need of getting school clothes and school supplies for the 13 year old girl. The grandmother would most appreciative of any amount she could get, but in order to get all expenses covered for shirts, shorts, jeans, jacket, socks, personal undergarments, shoes, and school supplies I am asking for a gift card of $250 to help the grandmother purchase these items for the 13 year old.
A Disabled lady who is awaiting her Disability check after two years of waiting. She used her savings and is not able to pay her housing needs.
She needs $ 733.oo
Sr. Elsa visited the home and asks for your help.

Please pray for all the above people and thank you if you are able to assist in any way. If you can help, please make checks payable to St. Ann’s Catholic Church and add a note : For Sister’s Charity

Blessings, Sr. Elsa

St. Ann’s Playschool – Now Enrolling!

St. Ann’s Playschool is now enrolling for Fall. This is a place for 2 years olds to learn about God and religion, numbers, colors, shapes, letters and arts & crafts!  If your child is 2 years old or will be 2 by Sept. 1st, they are eligible to attend. Space is limited.

Call Rosemary for more info. 432-682-6303

M/W classes 8-2:30 or T/ TH 8:00-2:30


Youth Mission Trip

The Youth of St. Ann’s just returned from a 1 week mission trip to New Orleans with Catholic Heart workcamp.
4 adults 13 teens made the trip and helped in construction of homes, painting, organizing schools and food pantry, and playing with lots of kids! If you are new to Midland or want to get more involved in the Youth program at St. Ann’s. Contact the Church office! 432-682-6303.                    We would love to meet you!


Youth Center!

Youth are longing for a place to hang out with their friends and grow closer to God! Have you made a pledge or donation yet? You can do so by calling the Church office or via our website under the GIVING tab.