Nursery/Playschool/ Pray & Play

The Nursery is available during all weekend Masses for children up to age 5. It is located at the corner of Illinois and L Street.

St. Ann’s Playschool
Playschool is the  place for 2 years olds to learn about God and religion, numbers, colors, shapes, letters and arts & crafts!  If your child is 2 years old or will be 2 by Sept. 1st, they are eligible to attend. Space is limited.
Call Rosemary for more info. 432-682-6303 M/W classes 8-2:30 or T/ TH 8:00-2:30

Pray and Play Summer Program.
Discover How to “Pray-n-Play”  for 2 to 4 year olds
Kids learn important Bible basics that will stick with them for life.
The goal is for them to understand:
1)Jesus is real
2)Jesus is their friend
3Jesus helps us to put our best foot forward in loving each other!