Mom’s Club

St. Ann’s Mom’s Club

We love our Moms!!!

We welcome you to join the St. Ann’s Mom’s Club!  We are just a regular group of moms getting together for fellowship, friendship, and service.  We strive to lift each other up in faith, motherhood, and build up our church community.  

Here are just some of the things we do:

Serving at Baptisms: The church has Baptism services once a month.   Partner up with a friend and help families participate in this beautiful sacrament.

Weekly Play dates: (time 9:30-11:30, or 3:30-5:00) Rotates weekly on either Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday at various venues, sometimes we go to parks, museums, library, or we go play at the home of one of our generous hostesses.   Times may change according to venues.

Weekly Coffee Chat:  Fridays (time: 9:15-11:30) in Church parlor.  Childcare is provided. A variety of topics will be discussed to motivate us in our faith.

Monthly Meeting: 2nd Thursday of each month (time: 5:45-8:00) in Church parlor.  Childcare is provided.  We have different themed potluck dinners each month and discuss new and exciting things going on in the group. So come hungry!

Monthly Moms’ Night Out:  4th Thursday of each month (time: 6:30-?) Find someone to watch your kiddos and come hang out with us!  We rotate going to different venues and activities.

In addition: we run the duck booth at the St. Ann’s Family Fair, we do a Christmas and pancakes with Santa event at Christmas, keep up the Mary garden, and so much more!

We post all events on our St. Ann’s Mom’s Club Facebook page so make sure you join the group and please come visit us! We have another Facebook page for all of our mommy “chit chat” – please join us there, too!

Please feel free to contact Bridgette Hunt: 214-679-9554 or email us at: for more information