Liturgical Ministry Schedule

We thank you for your gift of service to our parish! Our Masses would not be the same without you!

Lectors, EMHC’s and Altar Servers may click this link to access the schedule for serving at the Masses.
Ministry Scheduler Pro - Click to access your schedule online

Click this link for current schedule of volunteers for Mass without logging into MSP

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ministry Scheduler Pro?

Ministry Scheduler Pro is the program used to create our Liturgical Ministry Schedule.  The program allows us to take into consideration every liturgical minister’s preference when scheduling, as well as maintain an accurate database of all our ministers.

How Do I Obtain a Profile?

When you have completed the training for your respective ministry, we will enter your information into Ministry Scheduler Pro, and send you your username and password for accessing your profile online.

Why Do I Have a Profile?

Your online profile allows you to regularly update your contact information, preferences, and availability. By accessing your online profile, you can also view the current Liturgical Minister Schedule and request replacements for masses in which you are scheduled to serve.

Having Trouble Accessing Your Profile?

Contact Kristin Atkinson in the parish office.  432-682-6303 or   for your login and password.

Unable to serve?

If you are unable to serve when scheduled, it is important you find a replacement in a timely manner. Finding a replacement be easily done through our Ministry Scheduler Pro website.  Log into your account and click “My Schedules.”  Next to the date you are scheduled, to serve, click “Request Sub.”  You may also request a sub through the link in the email that originally provided you with your serve dates.

Download Ministry Scheduler Pro from the app store to your mobile device and enter our Organization ID: stannsparish.


Ministry Scheduler Pro App