Helping Familes

St. Ann’s is always coordinating with other Helping agencies in the city and we received this request from First Baptist:

If you can contribute to this need, to help this family get back to a stable income, Please contribute to Sister’s Charity.

You can make your contribution through our website(please indicate that it is for Sister’s Charity) or you can bring a check made out to Sister’s Charity and I will make sure that this family gets the help. If more funds are received than needed Sister’s Charity wil  assistother needy people.

Assistance Needed

“I am requesting assistance for Olusegun & Grae Subair. They are a Nigerian couple with 4 children. He moved to Midland to work. He was doing well, has his CDL and was working steady job. She is a CNA (I think). He got sick – got an intestinal fungus. He did not want to go to the doctor and had to be made to go to the doctor. He is doing everything he can to get back on track and get well to go back to work. When he was working – he was sending money back to Nigeria to help family. We will be helping him with his medication, hospital told him it would be about $1000 but pharmacy told him it might be around $300. We are waiting to hear from Pharmacy. He needs help with rent for January & possibly February – $1800 each month. He seems to be sincere & honest, just wants to work. I have asked him to call other help lines. “