Help Needed!

Sister’s Charity will respond to this need. The Family initially needs help with bills that total about $500.

The Care Portal just announced this need. Care Portal is a joint effort with Child Protective Services and local Churches to care for Children who are in the State’s care.

If you would like to offer this family help, please pray and ask God for His Grace for this family.
If you want to help with some financial assistance for future needs, please send a Check to St. Ann’s and note that it is for Sister’s Charity. You can send a check to the Parish or give online.

If God is moving your heart, please pray and know that we are part of His Love and Care for the World.
Help Strengthen a Bio Family
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An Infant has been placed with her biological father after coming into care when her mother died giving birth. This infant was born with holes in her brain and her medical providers estimated she would only live days. At this time the infant is now 3 months old and requires extensive medical care. This infant has a feeding tube that she solely relies on for nutrition and Medical professionals have stated that due to her conditions she will not function and meet milestones that an infant normally would.

This father and his family are doing all they can to meet this child’s medical needs. The infant sees specialist’s 5 hours away from the placement frequently, and while there are helpful resources available with Covid-19 and the economy down the family is struggling financially to continue to meet these needs. The family has provided receipts of expenses for their last trip that the child’s medical insurance was unable to assist the family with. Financial assistance would be helpful to this family during this time as they are exhausting their resources trying to give their medically fragile daughter the best medical care possible.