First Communion


The Sacrament of First Holy Communion is usually celebrated in the spring of second grade following a two year preparation,  which begins in first grade.    Children participate in this preparation either through the enrollment and participation in our Parish Faith Formation classes or by  attending St Ann’s Elementary school.

1st Communions are celebrated during weekend Masses through out May and June.  A sign up to choose a Mass is sent out Feb 1st to all registered  1st Communion families from the parish and the school.




Is your child ready for their 1st Holy Communion?

-Has your child been baptized?  Has the certificate been submitted to the parish office? (If your child has not yet been baptized please contact church office for more info on receiving this beautiful sacrament of initiation.)

-Does your family make attending Sunday Mass a priority?

-Have they completed at LEAST one year of faith formation with good participation? AND are they also currently enrolled in and participating in their second consecutive year of faith formation? (Either with the parish  or the school)

-Did you know that parish students need to complete all the at home lesson for the  faith formation classes to be properly prepared to receive 1st Communion?  (This does not apply to students being prepared through St Ann’s School- the school administrator supervises sacramental prep  for school students.)

-Are you ready, willing and able to spend the time with your child to help them prepare for this wonderful step in their faith life?

Yes to all of these?  Great!  We are looking forward to a wonderful year!

Missing some of these items?  Let’s talk!  Contact the church office or send an email to Kristin Atkinson! (psr(at)