St. Ann’s Connections


St. Ann’s Connections was born from the Diocesan Pastoral Plan that saw a need for more events for families and couples. After doing a survey of our parishioners, we at St. Ann’s decided to partner with a company who w
ould help us to grow some fun, community building, and skill building events!
       We are calling the events “CONNECTIONS” because we believe that by forming better spiritual connections, community connections, family connections, and marital connections, we can strengthen our faith and life as a whole. Our children are more likely to stay in the Church if we have better connections to it and to the community of faith! Our marriages are more likely to make it through the rough patches if we have a community of Christians to lean on!
        Be on the lookout for our monthly events and spread the word to those people who you are connected to, so that we might deepen our “CONNECTIONS” to each other at St. Ann’s and grow the Kingdom of God.




Messy Family University

Father Daughter Dance

Progressive Dinner

Pancakes with Santa

Cornhole Tournament

Goose Chase- Scavenger Hunt

Concert at the Hand Cafe