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One big event we parents need help prepping for is adolescence. This past year, we piloted two courses for dads and for moms to help them guide their children through the tween and teen years, and the response was amazing. We’re happy to be able to offer these courses again this fall.
Do you have a budding male warrior or a girl on the cusp of womanhood? Are you worrying about how to get on the same page as your tween, or how to have big conversations with them, such as “the Talk?” How can you help them navigate the issues such as porn, promiscuity, gender confusion, peer pressure, and other pitfalls? On the positive side, how can you help them embrace their God-given sex, grow in virtue, manage their emotions, and find good friends?
Mothers have the formidable task of guiding their daughters on the path to womanhood and communicating to them the awesome power and responsibility that God has given to women. In this talk, Alicia will give you three ways mothers can prepare themselves to have the essential “talks of life” with their daughters.
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Baptism Preparation Classes

Classes for parents and godparents preparing for baptism of infants will now be held in the Youth Activity Center, instead of the parlor and annex on the second Sundays of the month, 10:00am.  Beginning July 10, 2022
Las clases para los padres y padrinos preparando por el bautismo de los niños van a estar en el Youth Activity Center, 2005 W. Texas Avenue, en vez de en el parlor/annex, el segundo domingo de cada mes.  Empezando 10 de julio de 2022.

Messy Family Podcast -Date Night

When was the last time you went on a date night with your spouse?

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Your marriage is only as good as the work you put into it.

A child-centered marriage is a recipe for disaster. Teach children early that their “happiness” is not Mom or Dad’s reason for living.
~Breathing Grace, Everything I Know About Marriage in 200 Words or Less

How often to we take the time to show our spouse that they are “Number One” in our lives? Dedicated time alone without the children is an essential part of any healthy marriage. The foundation of your family is your marriage and we should never, ever take for granted that we are doing fine. In this episode we talk about the importance of a Date Night and Get Away Weekends. We also address two listener questions – one on toy guns and the other on how to have effective family time. Listen in and start the discussion on how and why we should all spend quality time with our beloved in order to improve our family life.


St. Ann’s Welcomes Two New Leaders!

Welcome Brandon Jaquish and Mary Allison to St. Ann’s!

We are excited to have them both and they will be arriving in June.

Brandon is our new Youth Leader and Mary is our New Director of Religious Education.


Watch a welcome video from Brandon here.

Find out all about Mary Allison in our bulletin.



Messy Family Podcast

“Each day be conscious of your duty to be a saint. — A saint! And that doesn’t mean doing strange things. It means a daily struggle in the interior life and in heroically fulfilling your duty right through to the end.” ~ St. Jose Maria Escriva

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Looking for ideas on how to celebrate Lent as a couple or as a family? Listen in! When a married person celebrates Lent, especially when they have children, it looks very different than how a single person or religious does it. Lent is a time to take stock of how we are responding to God’s grace to become who He is calling us to be. How are we becoming a better wife, mother, husband, or father? To really invest in Lent this year, we want to encourage you to consider commitments of prayer, fasting and mercy all in light of your married vocation. We have provided a great resource for you on our website — Cana90! Sign up to receive daily emails of encouragement, tracking sheet, services for the Triduum, ideas for weekend celebrations with children, and more! Sign up for free online or order the book. Let us walk with you and encourage each other on our Lenten journey.

Pastor’s Message


A cross etched in the center of the 1896 cornerstone of our original church proclaims St. Ann’s Parish as a community “with Christ as the cornerstone”(Ephesians 2:20), a people “united in God’s love.”  We rejoice in a distinguished history of 125 years.  With our offertory commitment program, which I will address today, we pledge our stewardship to carry on this legacy.


We are a community of believers, united in God’s love, who are striving to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ.  When we keep this mission at the forefront of our thoughts, words and actions, everything falls in place.  There is so much to be done to serve our own parish community and to keep us moving forward:  celebrating the sacraments, offering faith formation in a full service school and in religious education programs, in various retreats and scripture studies, encouraging marriage and family life, tending the sick and dying, and caring for our buildings and property.  And we also have a mission directed outside of ourselves to others:  serving the poor, working with our partners in Honduras, evangelizing through the Guadalupe Radio Network, supporting pro-life causes, giving witness to Christ in the Midland community–in so many things we reach out to others to spread the Kingdom of God.


You make this possible.  You are very generous in the offertory collection and in your support of the parish in general.  You also respond to special needs as they arise.  And even in the midst of a pandemic, we have been able to build a beautiful Youth Activity Center to engage the youth of our parish in the life of the Church, in a marvelous facility with great programs.  I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you!


None of us can do this alone.  But “united in God’s love” we each do our part, offering time, talent and treasure to build up the Kingdom of God.  In order to live our mission, we invite all parishioners to join together.  The basic stewardship message is this:  Everything we have is a gift from God, so we are grateful and we support God’s work by offering a percentage of our income to the parish.  This is love in action.


In a few days, you will receive information in your regular mail about the offertory.  Please check your mailbox, study the brochure, pray about your response and bring the Commitment Card with you to Mass on November 13 & 14.  If you don’t receive a Commitment Card in the mail, you can pick one up in the church that weekend.  And if you won’t be present that weekend, you can always return it to the Parish Office.


As you fill out your commitment card, you might reflect on your current level of donations and then decide on your commitment for the next twelve months.    If an increase is possible, that will be welcomed.  If your income has decreased, perhaps your commitment will be less.  Another way to calculate a commitment to the offertory and general parish support would be to figure out a percentage of your income, say 5%, and commit to that.


We use the phrase “offertory collection” which is the way most people donate, using the weekly envelopes.  However, we do encourage on-line giving for this purpose.  These days, fewer people carry cash and write checks.  You can call our parish office about on-line giving or automatic bank withdrawals, or just follow the instructions on the brochure.


The commitment we are making when filling out the Commitment Card does not include special collections taken up after Holy Communion.  The commitment does not include payments on pledges for the Youth Activity Center.  We still encourage you to fulfill your pledges to that or even to make new gifts for the Youth Activity Center.  Our parish has a debt of just under half a million dollars to pay back.


One new feature that is on the Commitment Card this year is a place to note a one-time gift to be given with the Commitment Card.  Maybe you missed opportunities to give during the Covid shutdown over the past year and this could help fill that gap.


Our offertory gift at Mass is a sacrifice of praise to God.  We thank Him for our life, our families and our faith.  And so, we give to God some of the first fruits of our income, to express thanksgiving and to support His work in the Church to carry out our mission.


United in God’s love, we pledge our stewardship to carry on the wonderful legacy of St. Ann’s Parish.  So please pray about these things and formulate a plan to give a certain percentage of your income for the next twelve months.  Then come to Mass on November 13 or 14 with your Commitment Card.


​​​​​​–Msgr. Larry J. Droll, pastor