Blessing of the Throats

BLESSING OF THROATS, Feast of Saint Blaise:  COVID Protocols

During the pandemic, we try to protect the safety of those participating in the rituals of the Church.  Therefore, for the Blessing of Throats this year, we are following the protocol of the Diocese of San Angelo, which states: “This year, because of the coronavirus pandemic, do not touch the persons with candles.  Instead, give the blessing without the candles, extending hands over the assembly and saying the blessing as prescribed in the Book of Blessings.”

In the Masses of Saturday evening, January 30, and Sunday, January 31, the petitions and concluding prayer of the petitions will be that of the Blessing of Throats.

In St. Ann’s School, the prayers and blessing will be used during the opening announcements of the school day, on Wednesday, February 3.  The students will be in their classrooms; no candles are used.