Baptism of Infants – Infants are welcomed into the life of Christ and the Catholic Church through baptism. Parents of the infants are asked to call the Parish office (432-682-6303) to make an appointment with a priest. After the appointment, one baptism class is required. Classes are usually scheduled on the second Sunday of the month.

Parents and godparents must register for the class. Parents can register during their pre-baptism interview with the priests or deacons. Godparents can call the Parish Office (432-682-6303) to register.
Baptisms are celebrated in groups usually on the Saturday after each monthly class.

Classes for parents and godparents preparing for baptism of infants will now be held in the Youth Activity Center, instead of the parlor and annex on the second Sundays of the month, 10:00am.  Beginning July 10, 2022
Las clases para los padres y padrinos preparando por el bautismo de los niños van a estar en el Youth Activity Center, 2005 W. Texas Avenue, en vez de en el parlor/annex, el segundo domingo de cada mes.  Empezando 10 de julio de 2022.

Baptisms of Adults – Adults are baptized through the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults (OCIA). These baptisms usually take place on the evening before Easter. Call  the Parish Office to inquire about OCIA.