Happy Easter!

Dear Parishioners:
HAPPY EASTER! Today we celebrate
Jesus’ overcoming suffering and death and
rising to new life! He wants to share that
consolation and joy with us!
On behalf of the priests, sisters, deacons,
and staff of St. Ann’s, I want to wish you and
your family a very joyous celebration.
We especially ask our Risen Lord to set
our world free from the coronavirus pandemic
and to give us all the courage and patience
we need to get through it and make our world
a better place.
Thank God we are seeing progress
through the grace of God and the cooperation
of people to stop the spread of the virus by
getting vaccinated and wearing masks. Here
is one indication of how far we have come:
last year on Palm Sunday we were on
lockdown and only 10 people could gather in
person for Mass; this year on Palm Sunday we
had 1213 people attend in person in our six
Masses. Praise the Lord! As I write this on
Monday of Holy Week, I am excited to see
what the turnout will be on Easter!
May Jesus in His dying and rising be with
you in all your dying and risings of life in this
Easter Season!
Msgr. Larry Droll, pastor